- Seller Information -

Banks, Credit Unions, Thrift & Loan and Finance Companies

All Sales Are Private - Not Public - No Retail Sales

No Fees To You, The Seller EVER!
The bid we supply you is your NET!
Complete DMV Title service available!

1.5 hours of labor to the vehicle - No Charge.
(disarming alarms, changing flat tires etc...)

All vehicles cleaned & vacuumed - No Charge

Complete vehicle inspection report with color photographs - No Charge

We complete all necessary documents to transfer ownership - No Charge

The chain of ownership will be fromYou to Collateral Liquidators
to the Winning Bidder, this is to limit your liability.

At no time will the default of a buyer have any affect on you,
Should the buyer default, Collateral Liquidators will pay the bid.
Checks will be dispersed within 10 days of receipt of clear title.

Collateral Liquidators operates a Sealed Bid Sale.
(Written bids on our forms are placed into a locked box by the bidder)

Sales are every Monday (excluding holidays).
The day following the sale, the 3 highest bids will be faxed to you.
We request that you respond to us within 48 hours, so we can inform our bidder.

Towing charges, minor expenses, extreme title work will be pre-approved prior to execution.